Interim adoption of the order center management and reorganization of the planning processes with adjustment of the organizational structure. Midsize company in the combustion industry

A strong boom of the Chinese market over forced the planning and supply chain capacities. Additional the responsible Manager got a sudden long-term illness.
(turn over approx. 150 Mio. €)



Keeping the daily business running; improving the supply situation and the delivery service. Management of the additional volumes. Reduction of the increased delivery time (up to 16 weeks). Revision of the planning structures.



  • Handling of the additional volumes in the supply chain and planning area. Reduction of delivery times back to 4 up to 6 weeks.
  • Design and presentation of new planning processes. Adaption of the organizational structure. Change the supply chain to scheduling system based on EDI connection to the supplier.   Transfer the system from Germany to the Chinese plant in Shanghai.
  • Hand over the results to the recovered manager.