Reorganization of a midsize company in the connection technology

Reorganization of a midsize company in the connection technology, core area in the automotive business
(approx. 65 Mio. € turn over)

Supply Chain Manager



Insufficient planning processes and a missing supply chain management caused a high inventory, high obsolescence and a low delivery service. Insufficient using of the SAP in the area of order planning and execution and capacity planning.



  • Introduction of optimized planning processes for material and capacity.
  • Intensive usage of the SAP features to support and improve all planning activities.
  • Updating of all necessary master data, optimization of the organizational structure. Create a rolling capacity forecast based on the SAP planning results.
  • Introduction of key figures for delivery service, special transports, turn rate, and efficiency for production.
  • Reduction of special transports cost from approx. 410 k€ in 2014 to 80 k€ in 2015
  • Increase the delivery service for more than 60% from 2014 to 2015.
  • Change in the structure of material: less raw and half finished goods, more finish goods. Increase the flexibility of service.